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    We want your Sparklite™ and Litewood™ jewelry to last a lifetime. With proper care your jewelry will remain as beautiful as the day you received it.

    Sparklite Jewelry
    -While items are water resistant, we do not recommend swimming or bathing in your Sparklite jewelry.  
    -Any beauty product that may contain alcohol (i.e. hairsprays, lotions, sunscreens, perfumes) will likely cause severe damage to your jewelry. Please refrain from putting on your jewelry until after you have applied your beauty products.
    -Be sure to check out our Sparklite Solution Cleaning Kit to help clean and protect all Sparklite jewelry.

    Litewood Jewelry
    -While we do seal all of our wooden items, we do not recommend wearing your Litewood jewelry while bathing or swimming. Wood is a naturally porous material and may cause warping or discoloration. We do seal both sides of our Litewood products as to not have stain bleeding onto clothing if an item does get wet.
    -We recommend dusting your Litewood jewelry with a soft cloth. A small amount of wood polish (such as Pledge or Old English) on a soft cloth can be used to remove any residue.

    Brass and Copper Embellishments
    -We use raw brass and copper embellishments that will patina over time.
    -We do not recommend using any home remedies to clean or polish brass or copper, as they may cause damage to the Sparklite material finish.
    -If you do encounter any issues while cleaning or polishing raw metals, feel free to contact us.