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    Can I commission a custom piece?

    Unfortunately no, we are not doing custom orders at this time.


    Can I customize a piece you already carry? 

    Depending on the item, we are happy to make any adjustments we can if the item can be altered.  Don't see an earring style in clip-on?  Prefer a standard pin back instead of a brooch clasp?  Allergic to certain metals?  Just ask!  Customizations like necklace length or earring styles can easily be converted at little to no extra charge.     


    How do I know my size?

     Please visit our Perfect Fit page to find your perfect fit from bangles to t-shirts.


    Do you ever have sales or discount codes?

    Yes!  We have various sales throughout the year.  Follow our social media pages and subscribe to our mailing list for when and how!  Be sure to follow our Instagram account for discounted and one of a kind items, as we update new items frequently.


    How can I carry your products in my own shop or website?

    Please visit our Wholesale page for more information.


    The item I'm looking for is sold out, when will you be releasing more?

    Soon!  Each and every item is handmade here at Match and it can take time to restock our site.  But we'll get there, we promise.


    I saw a Limited Edition item that I have to have!  Will you ever make more?

    Unfortunately a Limited Edition item is just that, limited.  It would be completely unfair to remake something that the original round of customers purchased.  


    I placed two separate orders, can you combine shipping?

    Yes, please e-mail us right away and as long as your shipping labels have not been created, we'd be happy to refund one label.  Use subject "Combined Shipping" and your order numbers when e-mailing us.  If you have already placed one order and would like to make another purchase, feel free to e-mail us ahead of finalizing your order and we can create a "free shipping" coupon code.  Please note we can also combine shipping if you placed one order on our Etsy site and one here.


    Match will be at an upcoming event, can you hand deliver or hold something for me?

    Unfortunately we are unable to hand deliver orders.  As you can imagine we have tons of items that would easily get lost in the shuffle when packing for events.  Its best to have your order shipped directly to you.  We are unable to hold items due to the fairness of all of our customers.  


    This item is a gift, can you gift wrap it or send a special message?

    Yes!  Please email us and we'd be happy to create the perfectly wrapped gift for any occasion.  We also have gift cards to add your personalized message.  


    Can I return an item?

    Please visit our Policies page for more information.


    Do you offer your earring styles in plug form?

    Yes!  With so many plug sizes and different earring styles we offer, it is difficult to stock everything.  Feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with you to make your plug dreams a reality!